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Selected Bibliography On Camelids 1991-2000

Selected Bibliography On Camelids 1991-2000

Selected Bibliography On Camelids 1991-2000
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  • Edition: 2005
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Edition Year 2005

Selected Bibliography on Camelids 1991-2000

Editors: T.K. Gahlot, A.Tibary, U.Wernery and X.X.Zhao


First Edition 2002

Published by The Camelid Publishers

Now marketed by Camel Publishing House, Bikaner, India

This book covers bibliography of camelids of a period of 10 years, i.e. 1991-2000 with a soft cover and 426 pages. For the convenience of readers it has been classified in 3 categories, i.e. dromedary section, New World Camelid section and Bactrian section and references are arranged alphabetically and yearwise in each section. Readers are further facilitated by making a pertinent subject and author index of all three sections separately. Book also bears two annexures to apprise the readers of publications and websites available during recent decade.

The book included about 3053 references of dromedary (68.46%), New World Camelids (26.76%) and Bactrian (4.78%). An overall data of camelid literature during this decade revealed highest literature for diseases followed by parasitology, physiology, reproduction, anatomy and surgery.

Top six subjects contributed during this decade were diseases, parasitology, physiology including endocrinology, reproduction, anatomy and surgery including anaesthesia. Main source of bibliography were proceedings (4), books (17) and journals (3). The biggest resource was Journal of Camel Practice and Research