Camels and Camelids


Journal Edition: December 2017
Article DOI: 10.5958/2277-8934.2017.00045.5
Published On: 03-09-2018 18:58

Devendra Kumar, Raghvendar Singh, Rakesh Poonia, Vinay Mehra and N.V. Patil
National Research Centre on Camel, Bikaner-334001, Rajasthan, India


The objective of the study was to incorporate freeze dried Sapota (Manilkara zapota) fruit powder in skimmed camel milk to develop a naturally flavoured milk product with enhanced antioxidant activity. Freeze dried sapota fruit powder was incorporated at 3 levels (w/v) viz. 3% (T1), 5% (T2) and 7% (T3) in skimmed camel milk (milk fat: <0.5%) and compared with control (C: flavoured camel milk-pineapple). The developed products were subjected for sensory evaluation and highest overall acceptability scores were recorded for flavoured camel milk with 5% freeze dried sapota fruit powder (T2). The optimised product (T2) and control samples were stored at refrigerated temperature (4±1°C) and samples were drawn at 0, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th days for physico-chemical, sensory quality, antioxidant properties and storage stability analysis in aerobic packaging condition. The pH and TA of C and treatments did not differ significantly (P<0.05) among groups as well as during storage. However, with the advancement of storage period, the pH decreased while TA increased in all groups. Colour and appearance, flavour, apparent viscosity and overall acceptability scores were recorded significantly (P<0.05) higher for fruit flavoured products as compared to control. These scores were also better maintained during storage but were comparable to that of control at the end of storage. The ABTS radical scavenging activity of treated products were significantly (P<0.05) higher than control and were better maintained during refrigerated storage. Standard plate counts were comparable among all groups throughout the storage period. The findings suggested that antioxidant enriched flavoured camel milk with good quality and storage stability could be prepared by adding 5% (w/v) freeze dried sapota fruit powder.
Key words: Antioxidant, camel flavoured camel milk, sapota