Camels and Camelids

Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Jörg Kinne (Member)

Dr. Jörg Kinne

1987: Veterinary Diploma, University of Leipzig, Germany

1990: DVM, University of Leipzig, Germany


1964 to 1987 living in Mühlberg/Elbe, Germany

1968-1978 Primary and junior school in Mühlberg erg/Elbe

1976-1980 High school in Elsterwerda, Germany

1980-1982 Army duty

1882-1987 Study of Veterinary medicine at Leipzig University, Germany

1987-1996 living in Leipzig, Germany

since 1996 living in Dubai, UAE


1995: Specialist for Veterinary Pathology/ CertVetPath, Saxonia, Germany

2004: Specialist for Tropical Veterinary Medicine/ CertTropVet, Saxonia, Germany


Past and Present Appointments, Activities, Specialisations

1987-1996: Scientific Assistant at Institute for Veterinary Pathology; University of Leipzig, Germany

Since 15. April 1996: Head of Pathology at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, (CVRL) in Dubai, UAE         

Present Working Fields

Pathology of diseases in avian, wildlife and camels


Fluent in English and German language

Member of DVG, ESVP and EAZWV

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