Camels and Camelids

Curriculum Vitae - Dr Vet Med Alexander Tinson (Member)

Dr Vet Med Alexander Tinson
  • Graduated: B.V.Sc Melb. Uni 1977
  • Masters Degree thesis at Melbourne University, on “Large Scale Embryo Transfer in the Racing Camel” in 2005

1977: Bacchus Marsh Lion and Tiger Safari Park

1980: Fairfield Vet Hospital, Sydney

1981: Cluer,Tinson and Associates, Mixed practice Tweed Heads N.S.W

1988: Race Director and Race Veterinarian, Bi Centenial Great Australian Camel Race 3,250 km Ayres Rock to Gold Coast.

1988- Present:  Presidential Camels and Camel Racing Affairs

2024:  Dr Alex Tinson

           Director of Laboratories and Research

           Head Veterinarian Hilli Embryo Transfer and Surgery Centre

           Management of Scientific Centres and Presidential Camels

           Department of Presidents' Affairs

           P.O. Box 17292 Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Main Fields of Work

  • Racing and Exercise Physiology in Camels
  • Assisted Reproduction in Camels, Embryo Transfer, Artificial Insemination and Cloning
  • Most recently concentrating on Commercial Embryo Transfer and Cloning in Racing, Beauty and Milking Camels

1988: As Race Director/ Head Veterinarian successfully guiding 69 camels and 200 plus competitors and support crew across the centre of Australia without loss of life to camel or rider while having a movie made to record the event.

1989: Part of a three man team responsible for the conception and construction of a high tech Camel Hospital for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nayhan.

1990: Teamed with Dr Angus McKinnon the culmination of research into Embryo Transfer started together in the Australian Desert in 1989 led to the Worlds first pregnancies and births in Racing camels from Embryo Transfer.

1990: Successful capture and selection of 34 wild Australian Camels and their air transportation to the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Crown Prince.

1995: The successful birth of the Worlds first “ Frozen Camel Baby” in Feb 1995.

1996: With Dr McKinnon launched first experiments into oocyte collection and  I.V.F. fertilisation in the camel..

1996/97: First embryo babies win major camel races culminating in Masah winning in final races in Abu Dhabi March 97

1999: Birth of world’s first camel calves from pre:sexed embryos, 10 calves born April /May 99 in joint project with Camelot Bioscience.

1999:Establishment of “The HEF Foundation”, a conservation project based around the provision of high tech breeding assistance to endangered animal populations particularly camel and oryx as well as education projects to school children and veterinary students.

2001: Birth of the world’s first twin split embryo transfer camel calves born on the 26th and 27th of March 2001, 23 hrs apart from two separate surrogate mothers.

2003: Movie appearances in 5 episodes of “Animal Planet” productions of Vets in the Sun on satellite TV

2005: Submitted completed Masters Degree thesis at Melbourne University, “Large Scale Embryo Transfer in the Racing Camel”

2007: Awarded “Distinguished Camelid Scientist Award” at International Camel Conference Feb 2007, Rajasthan Agricultural University,Bikaner India.

2008: Trailer movie “Desert Vet” produced to promote 5 part documentary series featuring veterinarians Alex Tinson and his daughter Erica Tinson, Phillip Nelson: Desert Vet Productions.

2009: Promoted to Director of Laboratories and Research of the Management of Scientific Centres and Presidential Camels, Department of Presidential Affairs.

2012: Worked closely with BBC Earth Films on film production of “Shifting Sands” part of 3CD film series “Wild Arabia” featuring racing camels and falcons with family relative Eid Al Mazrouei.

2013: World’s First reported birth of calf from frozen semen using artificial insemination, (A.I.) in camels, female calf born 3/3/2013.

2016: Release of Biography “The Desert Vet” Allen and Unwin Australia

2018: Release of Textbook  “The Camel” The Animal of the 21st Century.

2019: “Jurrassic Camels” creation of multiple pregnancies from “Mabrokan” a beauty male camel (purchased for $5 million US in 2006) who died in 2010 and with our Korean Team headed by world leader Prof Hwang resulted in 11 normal births  in 2020 of identical cloned siblings from frozen stored skin DNA samples

  • Text- “Camels- A Compendium”, Manefield GW and Tinson AH  Vade Mecum SeriesC No 22 Post Grad. Foundation Sydney University.1996 372 pages.
  • Chapter-Genetics and Breeding Methods in Camels. In :Selected Topics in Camels. Published by Camel Publishing House, Bikaner India Chapter 6. March 2000. 
  • Chapter- Challenges and Solutions in Anaesthesia and Pain Management in Camels. “The Pain Manager” Richter Pharma Volume 3, 2013
  • Book “The Desert Vet” Alex Tinson and David Hardaker, August 2016 published by Allen and Unwin Australia.
  • Book “The Camel, Animal of the 21st Century” Alex Tinson, published Camel Publishing House Bikaner for 25th Anniversary of establishment of Scientific Centre for Racing Camels… 1989 to 2014
  • Childrens Books …. BK1 Harry the Camel, BK2 Harry the Camels Birthday, BK 3 Harry the Camel goes to the Mountains, BK4 Harry the Camel goes to China, BK5 Harry the Camel goes Racing and BK6
  • 60 plus Scientific Articles in various conferences and journals.