Journal Year: 2012
Journal Month: December
Published On: 03-09-2018 19:11:00
Article DOI:

F.C. Tuteja, K. Nath, B.L. Chirania, N.V. Patil and D.S. Sena
National Research Centre on Camel, P.B. 07, Jorbeer, Shivbari, Bikaner-334001, India


Therapeutic potential of three formulations consisting of 2% potassium iodide; 6% sulphur in mustard oil; and 6% sulphur and 3% salicylic acid in mustard oil were evaluated topically in naturally occurring cases of skin candidiasis in camel calves. All the three treatments were found effective with almost similar application schedule but with variable duration of treatment. The present study offers to minimise morbidity in young camel calves due to skin candidiasis.
Key words: Camel, mustard oil, potassium iodide, salicylic acid, skin candidiasis, sulphur, treatment

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