Camels and Camelids


Journal Edition: December 2004
Article DOI:
Published On: 13-12-2018 06:23

A. Tibary and A. Anouassi1
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and Centre for Reproductive Biology,
Washington State University, Pullman WA, USA
1Veterinary Research Centre, Abu Dhabi, PO Box 44479, U.A.E.


A standing castration technique was performed in 12 camels. After administration of a low doses of xylazine for sedation and butorphanol tartrate for analgesia, the patient is placed in stocks and castration was performed as per routine. Advantages of this technique include the lack of need for general anesthesia or casting which may result in medical problems or injuries. The technique described was performed on 12 animals, 24 to 28 months of age without complications.
Key words : Camel, castration