About - Abdulsalam Abdullah Karim Bakhsh
1 -Country/ Nationality :  Saudi Arabia / Saudi
2 -Degrees:-
⦁    PhD, Glasgow (First Saudi), Scotland, UK, December 1987
⦁    -Certificate, Application of Isotopes in Animal Science, Scotland, UK, 1985
⦁    BVM&AR, (First Batch), KFU, KSA, 1980
⦁    Certificates courses in business, academic & environmental  Safety
3-Academic Post: Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical   Studies.
4-Specialization: Major (Medicine & Laboratory Diagnosis), Minor (Infectious Diseases)
5-Teaching: 1. Medicine, 2.Clinical Lab. Diagnosis, 3.Intensive Clinical Practice, 4.Graduation Dissertation
6-Administrative Exp. :      
⦁    Representative of the College in the scientific, educational &university councils
⦁    Medical Director of Veterinary Teaching Hospital, KFU
⦁    Head of Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies
⦁    Head of Department of Veterinary Public Health and Animal Management .
⦁    Member of many committees in the college and the university
⦁    Representative of KFU in KASCT projects in the university
⦁    Ex-consultant in Dr. Mondora Consultancy Office, KSA.
⦁    Life Membership WAHO and Correspondent of WAB in Saudi Arabia

7 -Founding Members :       
⦁    International Society of Camel Research &Development
⦁    Jazan Agriculture Development company
⦁    Saudi Veterinary Medical Society

 8-Co-Author & Contributor in Books:
⦁    Camel in Health and Diseases (A. Higgins), UK, 1985.
⦁    Camel, Management and Diseases (F. Al-Ani), Jordan, 2004
⦁    Neonatal Diseases of Farm Animals (Fouda &Bakhsh), KSA, 2011
⦁    Camels in Asia and North Africa (Knoll &Burger) Austria, 2012.
⦁    Essential Calculations for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians
                             (A Bakhsh ,translated,2013)

⦁    A Color Atlas of Ruminant Diseases

⦁    (Fouda, Bakhsh &Alzabady, 2013, approved for authorship )

⦁    Animal Physiology (Bakhsh, 2013, approved for translation)   


9-Editorial Board:
⦁    Journal of Camel Practice and Research
⦁    Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
10-Awards & Achievements      
⦁    KACST 2010, KSA. (Antibiotics and hormones residues project)
⦁    Attended & presented papers in more than 25 conferences worldwide.
⦁    Published more than 50 scientific papers worldwide


Editorial Team