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The Camel : The Animal Of The 21st Century (2017)

The Camel : The Animal Of The 21st Century

The hard boundbook authored by Dr Alex Tinson is  spread in about 300 pages and  titled, “The Camel : The Animal of the 21st Century”. The book is highly illustrated and informative. It’s contents include 6 chapters, i.e. Title Pages and Dedications, introduction (Early History of the Centre, World’s Firsts, World Press Releases, History of Domestication and Distribution, Evolution of Camel Racing in the U.A.E. and Historical Photos the Early Days), Camel in Health and Disease (Cardiovascular,  Haemopoetic, Digestive, Nervous, reproductive, respiratory and Musculoskeletal Systems andInfectious, Skin and Parasitic Diseases. Additionally chapters on special senses, urinary tract and nutrition are also provided), Clinical Examination and Differential Diagnosis,  Special Technologies (Anaesthesia and Pain Management in Camels, Diagnostic Ultrasound and X-Ray, Assisted Reproduction in Camels, Drug and Dna Testing and Surgery) and  The Future.


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