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1. Nationality: Sudanese
2. Date of birth: 1.1.1945
3. Education:
⦁    B.V.Sc. (Hon.) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo    
University, Cairo, Egypt.  
⦁    D.V.R (1) Diploma in Veterinary Radiology Royal   
College of Veterinary Surgeon, London, UK, July (1976).
⦁    Ph.D., Royal Veterinary College, University of London,     
United Kingdom, April (1977).
⦁    Member European College of Vet. Diagnostic Imaging   
(U.K & Eire).

Administrative & Academic Experience –
⦁    Currently working as a professor of surgery and radiology, Department of Clinical Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University Since 1990.
⦁    1983 – 1990 - Associate Professor of surgery and radiology, Department of Clinical Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University
⦁    Teaching the surgery, anaesthesiology and radiology courses to undergraduate students, rendering diagnostic and surgical services at the University Teaching Hospital.

⦁    Rendering community services to owners of local farms, thus performing several hundred operations annually. Conducting clinical research work in surgery, radiology, ophthalmology and anaesthesiology.

⦁    Acting as academic advisor to a group of students in each semester.

⦁    1977 – 1983 - Assistant Professor of surgery and radiology, Department of Clinical Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University.
Was the first and only staff member in the department from 1977-1981 and carried out the following duties:
⦁    Solely responsible for establishing the department, furnishing it with the necessary equipment and participating positively in laying out the relevant surgical and obstetrical curriculum.
⦁    Established a radiology unit in the premises of Ragaiga Veterinary Teaching Clinic and undertook the whole responsibilities of radiography (No radiographer to assist!) as well as diagnostic radiological interpretations (single-handed).
⦁    Participated in College furniture programs and actively contributed in the sessions dealing with plans of furnishing the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Qatar Road.
⦁    Participated in running the Ragaiga Veterinary Teaching Clinic. In this respect, received and dealt with all the surgical cases and tackled the surgical problems at the clinic as well as the neighbouring farms.
⦁    Wholly responsible for the teaching of surgery for semi final and final year undergraduate students (March 1979 to 1981). The surgery course includes practical, lectures and seminars covering general, operative, regional surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, ophthalmology, cadaver surgery and clinical practice.
⦁    From 1981 to date another staff member has shared the teaching load.

⦁    October 1973 - April 1977- Research Assistant in the Beaumont Animal Hospital and the Field Station, Royal Veterinary College, University of London:
⦁    Gained extensive practical experience in small and large animal practice, surgery, anaesthesia, ophthalmology and radiology.
⦁    Participated in bi-weekly X-ray reading sessions.
⦁    Attended courses in Radiology Physics at Guy's Hospital, London and attained a diploma in Veterinary Radiology (part 1. D.V.R.1).
⦁    (January 1970 October 1973). Research Assistant in Surgery Department of Clinical Studies, University of Khartoum, Sudan; performing the following duties:

Helping in practical and tutorial classes in addition to participating in the daily hospital work. The latter comprised practical courses in routine surgery, theriogenology as well medicine and therapeutics. Moreover gave theoretical courses on general surgery to semi final students for one semester.

Took special interest in surgical pathology and tackled research problems on neoplasm of domestic animals, results of which were then published (see list of publications).

⦁    March 1968 to December 1969 - Veterinary officer, Ministry of animal Resources, Food and Fisheries. Received training at Khartoum Veterinary Research Laboratory and Umbinain Livestock Improvement Centre taking the following responsibilities:
⦁    Took active part in flock management dealing with medical, surgical and theriogenological conditions of small and large animals. Also participated in massive rabies vaccination campaigns in Khartoem Province.
⦁    Tackled problems concerning the determination of blood constituents and  blood chemistry of Sudanese desert sheep in health and disease.

⦁    Membership:
1. Committee for Rural Development (For ten years).
2. College Laboratory furniture, equipment and safety measures
3. Camel Research Organizing Committee.
4. Conveyor of the Surgery Division of the department.
5. Member of a committee for the layout of the principles for the provision of    
   Veterinary services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
6. Member of college committee for Translation, Editing and Publication.
7. Member of Safety and security committee.
8. Committee for Mobile Veterinary Clinic (for several years).
9. Permanent Committee for College Exhibitions affairs (for several years).
10. Summer training committee (for several years).
11. Summer training assessment committee.
12. Agriculture and Veterinary training and research committee.
13. Committee for assessing students skills (1980).
14. Committee for daily running of Ragaiga Veterinary Clinic (several years).
15. Committee for daily running of Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
16. Committee for handing over of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
17. College's recruitment and follow-up committee (1982).
18. Chair of Students' Art committee (Students' activities committee).
19. Committee for transferring the Veterinary services from Ragaiga to the  
      veterinary Teaching Hospital (1982).
20. Committee to prepare the opening of Veterinary Teaching Hospital (1982).
21. Committee to lay down a bylaws for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (1983).
22. The first University Graduation Ceremonies (1980).
23. Committee to study the possibilities of rendering veterinary services to (Police
      & Guard dogs) Custom's Department [1988].
24. Examination affairs committee (1981-1982).
25. Committee for students' discipline and punishment.
26. A committee for editing a Camel textbook.
27. Veterinary Teaching Hospital committee for the study of five years plan
28. University Open-day committee
29. Photography unit committee (1982).
30. Museum committee (1985).
31. College representative to the purchase department (1980).
32.A committee for preparing annual reports (1982/1983).
33. College budget committee (1984).
34 .A committee for establishment of dipping tanks in the Agriculture and
     Veterinary Training and Research Station (1984).
35. A committee for liaison and harmony between the clinical and para-clinical
     departments (1984).
36. A Committee for interviewing student applying to the veterinary college
      (1980; 1987).
37. Committee for clinical seminars and Intensive clinical practice (1989).
38 .A committee to study the possibilities of translating courses offered to the
     veterinary students at the college (1985;1988).
39 .Member of the camel research committee.
At present:
40. Member of Veterinary and Animal Production Research Center

1. Abroad: Selected to visit Illinois State , USA, in order to inspect and report on the suitability of the Mobile Veterinary Clinic imported to the college by the Global Exporting co.

2. Locally:
a) Utilized the mobile veterinary clinic for the summer training of the final year
    student at Kharj and Buraidah (August 1980).
b) Participated in summer training of the final year students at Inaiza and Gassim,    
    Hail and Riyadh 1981;1982).
c) Utilized the Veterinary Mobile clinic in collaboration with Directorate of Animal
    Health, Ministry of Agriculture & Water for investigation of the prevalent diseases
     in the eastern province through a desert journey, which lasted for 63 days.
d) Utilized the Veterinary Mobile Clinic to treat causalities at the annual camel racing
    at Genadria festivals (1988).
e) Participated in a mission with other specialist from College of Veterinary Sciece,
    King Faisal University To Al-Nearia Province to check doping during Camel
    Racing December 2009

Membership at Professional Societies-
1. Member of Editorial Board Indian Journal Camel Practice & Research.
2. Member of European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging.
3. Member of the New York Academy of Science.
4. Member of the Saudi Biological Society.
5. Member of Sudan Veterinary Association
6. Member of Egyptian Veterinary Association.
7. Member of Egyptian Cattle Disease.
8. Member of British Veterinary Association.
9. Member of British Goat Veterinary Society.
10.Member of International Veterinary radiology Association
11.Member of British small Animal Veterinary Association.
12.Member of American Association for Advancement of Science.
13 Member of International Society of Camelid Research and Development   
14 Member of Editorial Board of Journal Practice & Research; India
15 Member of Editorial Board of open veterinary Journal  
16. Member European Association Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (EAVDI).




Seminar and Conferences-
Attended several conferences and meetings both internationally and locally as follows:
1. Annual meetings of the Sudan veterinary Association, Khartoum (1969,1970).
2. Annual congress of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association
    (London, 1974;1976).
3.Attended the regular meetings of the Metropolitan Division of BSAVA
    (London, 1975, 1976).
4. Annual Congress of British Veterinary Radiology Society (Cambridge, 1975).
5. International Veterinary Radiology Congress (Cambridge, 1976).
6. Annual congress of the British Veterinary Association (York, 1976).
7. Participated in Seminar on Veterinary Education, College of Veterinary Medicine
    and Animal Resources King Faisal University (AlAhsa, 1978).
8. Presented papers at the following British Veterinary Radiology Congresses:
 Dublin, 1981 ,Cambridge, 1989 ,Glasgow, 1990.
9.The Scientific Conference of Camel Research an Production Sudan University
    of Science and Technology 17-8 April 2013.
10. Attended Annual meetings of the Saudi Biological Society and presented one or   
     more papers in 13 out of their 20 conferences as follows:
a) At King Faisal University (Al Ahsa, 1979); [third].
b) At King Saud University (Riyadh, 1980 delivered a talk);[Fourth].
c) At King Saud University (Abha, 1981, delivered a talk);[Fifth].
d) At King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah, 1983, delivered a talk);[Sixth].
e) At King Faisal University (Alhasa, 1985, presented a paper);[Eight].
f) At Ministry Agriculture & Water (Riyadh, 1986, delivered a talk);[Ninth].
g) At Meteorology & Environmental Protection Administration (Jeddah, 1987,  
     delivered a talk);[Tenth].
h) At Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, (Directorate General for
    Yanbu Project. 1988, delivered 4 papers);[Eleventh].
i) At King Saud University (Riyadh, 1989, delivered 3 papers); [Twelfth].
j) At college of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Qassim Branch, King   
  Saud University, (Burieda, 1992 & presented 2 papers); [Thirteenth].
k) At umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukkarrama, 1994, presented 3
    papers; [Fifteenth].
l) At King Saud University, Buriedah, 1996; presented 3 papers,
m) At The Royal commission for Jubail & Yanbu, Yanbu Al-Sinaiya. 1998,
      presented a paper; [Eighteenth].
n) At King Faisal University Hofuf, 2000 presented 4 papers, [Twentieth].





Honours, Citations and Special Award, Certificates & Appreciation:

1.Awarded The Certificate of Almaraii Prize of the Distinguished Scientist in Saudi   
   Arabia (2010).
2.Awarded The Certificate of a Distinguished Camel Scientist by the Scientific
   committee of the International Camel Conference, held at the college of Veterinary   
   and Animal science, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner 334001, India; 16-
⦁    eb,2007
3.Citation in Who's Who in the world (1998). My name was cited in the 15th
   Edition of Marquis Who's Who in the world (1998). This publication provides facts  
   on leaders and achievers in 39 fields of endeavour.
4.The college of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources King Faisal
   University acquired a good reputation through the excellent service render by the   
   Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Over the years, an atmosphere of confidence and
   friendly relations was established with Bedouins who are impressed by the success
   and advances made in camel surgery by him.This encourages many of them to bring
   their animals to them. Some clients express their thanks and appreciation by sending
   letters of thanks either indirectly to the President of the University or directly to

Recent visits & training courses
⦁    (2008).Visited the college of veterinary medicine, University of Sudan at    
Kuku, Khartoum, The Republic of Sudan and gave a lecture on the camel in health and Diseases with special emphasis on surgical condition dealt at Saudi Arabia.
⦁    (2009). Participated in a training program on laparoscopy in sheep and
Amniocentesis for 7 days The course was a joint venture between the College of Medicine "Al-hasa" and the College of Veterinary Medicine King Faisal University "March 2009)..
⦁    (2009) Participated in a seminar "" on: The future of Scientific
Research in Camel"" It was organized by joint venture between Saudi Biological Society and The Camel Research Center at Intercontinental Hotel Al-Hasa.
⦁    (2009). Visited the Department of Surgery, Royal Veterinary College,
University of London. I had discussion with the colleagues about the use of computer in Veterinary Education (E-media) September 2009
⦁    (2010). Participated in a training program on Diagnostic Imaging and
Anaesthesia in Camel for 7 days The course was a joint venture between the Leipzig University and Camel Research Center King Faisal University. It was held at the College of Veterinary Medicine King Faisal University.Jan.2010.



Public lectures:
1. Peripheral nerve injuries in farm animals (1980).
2. The dulaa of camels in health and disease (second semester 1998).
3. Urolithiasis in man and animals “an update” (1999). A mini symposium   
    held at the unit of continuing education of The King Fahad Hospital. Hofuf.
4. Foreign bodies, a comparative study (2000).
5. Back “Lumber” lesions in man and animals (2000).
6. The veterinary roles at organ transplantation (2002)
Research Projects at King Faisal University:
  Radiographic evaluation of the growth plate closure in camels. This was a
  one-year project sponsored by the scientific council and the work was   
  completed in 1983.
1 Clinical and Radiographic estimation of camel growth , Deanship of
   Scientific Research King Faisal University Project No 8023 at 30/1/1428
2 Surgical affections of the udder in the camel. (In collaboration with other
   relevant departments sponsored by the scientific council King Faisal
   University 1998).
3 Evaluation of some anaesthetic in camels (In collaboration with other
   colleagues in the department, sponsored by the scientific council King Faisal
   University 1998).
4 Studies on mastitis in Ruminant at the eastern province and Al Kharj area of   
   Saudi Arabia. Project approved by King Abdulaziz City for Science &
   Technology (KACST)
5 Studies on animal viral papilloomatosis in the Eastern Region of Saudi   
   Arabia. (in collaboration with other departments). The project was submitted
   to KACST for support.
6 Clinical Studies of mandibular fractures in camel & deanship of Scientific    
   Research King Faisal University Project No 110037 on 30/1/2010

Supervisory Role during graduate and post-graduate courses:
1 Supervision of undergraduate dissertation in partial fulfilment of the course of
   graduations: Supervised over twenty students since 1988.

2. Supervision of MSc. Students: Co-supervisor of some MSc students.
    a- Surgical manipulation of dystocia in the camel b- Impact of ovarectomy
    on maintaining pregnancy in Camel





1.(1986). Ramadan, R.O., Kock, R.A and Higgins, A.J. Observations on the    
   diagnosis of surgical conditions in camels. In Higgins, A.J (Ed). The camel in    
   Health and Disease. PP 121-134. Baillier & Tindall, London.

2.(1994). Ramadan, R.O; Surgery and Radiology of The Dromedary Camel. Al
    Jawad Printing Press Alahsa, Saudi Arabia.

3.In press (2011) Omar Ramadan Ramadan) Encyclopedia surgical Ebel Arabic –
   Atlas Surgical tinted, Under Copyright Centre for Translation and copyrights King
   Faisal University.

4.Recent advances in Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging of the One humped Camel.      
   This book will be published after obtaining a grant from The Centre of Translation
   and Publication King Faisal University (Under preparation (2010).

5.More than 100 scientific papers published in English & Arabic, around the globe in
   various Veterinary journals covering various verticals & branches of Veterinary
   science Especially in context to scientific research done on camels & camelids.


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