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Bernard Faye

About-  Bernard Faye

⦁    Scientific project manager in animal production sector at the International Cooperation Centre for agronomic Research in Development (CIRAD- France) and currently International camel expert at FAO, based in Saudi Arabia.

⦁    He obtained his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Lyon (France) in 1974, then his MSci in animal nutrition and endocrinology in 1980. After an eight-years African experience both in development (Niger) and in research (Ethiopia), he obtained is PhD in animal epidemiology in 1995 (Paris University), then the habilitation to manage research (HDR) at Montpellier University in 1998.

⦁    After African period, he was epidemiologist at the Ecopathology lab (National Agronomic Research Institute -INRA) at Clermont-Ferrand (France) and head of this lab for ten years. In 1996, he joined CIRAD- Montpellier as head of animal production programme. Since 2010, he is working at FAO consultant in Saudi Arabia in the Camel Center at Kharj.

⦁    He was awarded of the French Vet academy and “Chevalier du mérite agricole” (Ministry of Agriculture high distinction). He his authors of 7 books, 8 chapters in different books and more than 4000 scientific. He is one of the founders of ISOCARD.

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